...The company was set up in September 2000, under the good policy environment of reform and opening up, the company has been managed under with strict rules and regulations, having a high starting point compared with other companies. We attracted high-quality intellectuals and personnel and the scope of business is increasing constantly.
...The company has complete working environment that is in line with the butchering technological process in acid-eliminating workshop, the bones-picking workshop and separating workshop. They are equipped with the most advanced electrical, pneumatic slaughtering working line. Together with simultaneous hygienic examining and separating working line. Equipment, facilities, and working table are made of stainless steel the quality of which completely complies with the standard made by the European Union. The design of them is very specified, and the equipments are made strictly according to the specifications.

Southwest of the Shandong Province is the only production source of yellow ox. The yellow-ox of that region are raised in the seaside half-humid monsoon area with distinct four seasons. The herbage of that area is abundant and of high quality, the water is rich in mineral substances, such as iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus etc. The yellow ox raised in that area has its unique characteristics, which are incomparable by other kinds of ox.
The products of Jinzhang, Quality-guaranteed ox!
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